Stockholm Office


Our small but cozy basement office is located centrally, near Karlaplan.

Here our team works hard with everything from dispatch to invoicing.

Our garage is also located in the same building.

We don't yet have a ping-pong table, but the idea is certainly on the table.

At MOVEBYBiKE in general, and especially in the office, we do our best to be sustainable and minimize our environmental impact. Most furniture and technology is used, and we do our best to recycle everything; and for good measure, run Linux on our workstations. Although that last one is just a perk, nothing to do with sustainability. ;-)


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Workplace and culture


Most of us here at MOVEBYBiKE spend a lot of time on the saddle. And as a rider, you will spend most of your time out riding. But we strive to provide a comfortable experience both on the saddle and off. We strive for a culture of openness and tolerance. Our organisation is attentive to details and all are encouraged to contribute ideas and opinions.


You will become a valued member of our team.

Why work with us?

It goes without saying that working with us will give you a strong body and greatly improve your stamina. So forget the gym and read below about why you should join us!

  • Good for the planet, and the city

    Our work benefits the environment by reducing emissions from trucks that would otherwise drive around in the city. And our vehicles are silent, safe and small - they do not contribute to traffic jams, noise pollution or traffic violence.

    If you join us, this will be your work too!

  • A team of professionals

    Professional workwear from Houdini to keep you warm and dry.
    Advanced E-bikes to get you where you are going.
    A great team to keep you in the loop and help you out.

    We pride ourselves in being good at what we do, you will join a team of professionals!

  • Good benefits

    We provide a variety of insurance and benefits to all our employees. And if you are over 25, you also get additional pension payments. Google "FORA Privatanställd Arbetare" to read more.

  • The smiles

    People love what we do!
    You'll get smiles from total strangers, candy from customers and questions for people curious about our work and bikes.

    All in a days ride!

Byggmästaregatan 3
211 30 Malmö Directions 040 616 06 55 View page


Tackjärnsgatan 3
417 07 Göteborg Directions View page


Tavastgatan 34
118 24 Stockholm Directions 0406160655 View page

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